Pastured Poultry


New in 2017

Enjoy pastured poultry that is grown at Verdant View Farm and raised by Nyce Pasture and Meats.  Founder Joshua Nyce, who also works at Verdant View, is beginning with raising poultry, but his vision and desire is to expand his business by adding cattle, grains, and breeding while processing more on his own.

Practice Summary

The breed of bird that is raised on the farm are Cornish-crosses, which is the traditional meat bird or broiler raised by conventional farmers. He chose this breed for their ability to put on weight. The process from chick to finish takes eight weeks. The first 3 weeks they are in the brooder, which is a heated house to protect the young chicks in the barn.  They are then moved to pasture for an additional 5 weeks. The birds are pasture-raised and are fed non-GMO feed. The birds are processed on the farm under PL90-492, which allows poultry farmers to process a limited number of animals without USDA inspection.

Birds will be sold at $3.75/lb for whole birds or $4.00/lb for pre-cut birds. To place orders please contact Josh at or by phone (267)-638- 8844. The first flock will be ready by July 27, 2017.

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